Your training center in the Lands of the Ebro

At SAI we are working since 2002 to find new answers to the needs of our society, with special emphasis to be accessible to everyone and respond satisfactorily to the needs and interests of each person.

A pleasant study atmosphere, comfortable facilities that help the teacher-student communication and experience confirms that after 10 years carrying out the training in the Lands of the Ebro, are some of the key to our success.a set of specialized and highly qualified teachers establish the necessary monitoring and guidance throughout the process in which the student is subjectedto get adequate training. A periodic system of controls to temporalized training activities, direct communication between teacher and student personalizes the study and consistently adapted to its peculiarities. Finally, a large scale andflexible hours, a personal and ongoing monitoring of the student, a pleasant and efficient working methods, a custom list of topics … are the guarantee for which the student can see from the first day their progress.

At SAI, we are aware of the importance and the effort involved for the studentsachieve their goals. We offer full training, taught by qualified and experiencedteachers, not only in subject matter to be taught, but also in developing a series of techniques for motivation and support towards students.

school support

Classes or school support repassos aimed at any student in kindergarten, primary, secondary, vocational, university, or have difficulty concerns about any subject.We have specialized teachers for each subject and a teacher available to parents.

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Classes are organized according to ages and levels of students. Our studentsrange from 3 years to adults of all ages. We work with small groups with a maximum of 8 students per class. You can choose from a wide range of languages​​, English, French, German, Italian, Russian …

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Personal training, from the level that students stay focused and do what you want.Choose exactly what you want to do, Introduction, Office automation, computerized business management, CAD, Website Design, Application Programming, Graphic Design and Multimedia and much more.

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The acTIC is the digital certificate of competence, understood as the combination of knowledge, skills and attitudes in the field of information technology and communication that people display in real situations to achieve certain goals effectively and efficiently .

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entrance examinations

Entrance examinations for over 25 years are held once a year and its purpose is to facilitate access to college. Evidence of access to vocational training aims to facilitate access to vocational training for those who lack the academic requirements required for the shortcut.

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Government administrative body, the body of the Autonomous Police. Small groups. Individualized training. Specialized teachers for each subject. Over 3000 educational counseling students trained in Baix Ebre. High pass rate. Over 10 years in the making.

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Every year during summer, Christmas and Easter, we offer an alternative for your children with our fun-campus training. Our campuses are starting the day afterfinishing school until the day before school. Hours fully configurable and dining room.

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space rental

We have areas of over 250m2. Fully modular and configurable according toneeds. Fully equipped and with a capacity of 5 to 35 people. Areas up to 45m2 each room overlooking the pool, natural and artificial light. Stylish design and modern features in latest technology.

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